​Foresthill Community Development Council

What the Foresthill CDC is all about.

Develop economic and social opportunities that creates employment for local residents and assists persons in establishing businesses, creates environmental and infrastructure improvements for Foresthill and benefits the general public, provides training programs for youth and others in need of training, provides and promotes amenities for residents which include, but are not limited to:

  • community gardens
  • health care clinics/facilities
  • communication and transportation access
  • safe living environments for animal and residents
  • promotes economic diversification and prosperity for Foresthill, CA

Develop projects for sustainable sources of funding that create and enhance community services and facilities for the general public, and provide resources, technical assistance and support for organizations that serve the public;

Assist the community in effectively managing growth with responsible land use, design, and other plans that support community goals preserve the natural beauty of the area, support environmental sustainability, and preserve Foresthill’s legacy and unique history;

Work with county, state, and federal government agencies and other institutions to promote community benefit for the Foresthill area; engage in any activity incidental or conducive to the attainment of the purposes of this corporation and to receive, administer, and expend funds for these purposes.